Please I need Your Advice; My New Boyfriend Has a Baby Mama, He Run’s When She Call’s, what Should I do?

Please I need Your Advice; My New Boyfriend Has a Baby Mama, He Run’s When She Call’s, what Should I do?

Please I need Your Advice; My name is Ann, six months ago, I met Yomi at a friend’s wedding, before he came to me, I knew he would come…in fact, I prayed he would come. He looked good and had grace and charm. I didn’t pretend when he asked to have my number, I just gave him and got his…maybe my singular status had just ended.

Two months later he finally called and asked me out. On the set date, I painstakingly dressed up for our meeting scheduled to take place at his residence.

 Please I need Your Advice;

As soon as I sat, he perched beside me with a serious look saying he needed to talk to me.
“Thank you Ann…it’s actually no news that i am interested in you…you know that already. I am not the most eligible guy in town…in fact, I am the least eligible. I have a two year old daughter who I am solely responsible for. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before now. Her mother is out of my life, she was out even before the birth of my child, so she is not an issue. The issue is, can you date a man  who has a kid, would you consider marrying such man and raise his kid as yours?”

He poured out and I gazed at him without a word.
A child? Another woman? Not in all my imaginations had I imagined that. I toyed with my fingers and looked away to hide my disappointment. Then I asked him the first thing that came to my mind.

“Why don’t you make up with her?”
“It wouldn’t work, we don’t love each other anymore. I’m sure she never loved me. I know. She only thought she did…and before you ask, I never really loved her too although I tried to but she just wasn’t lovable”
“Not lovable?” I raised my brow in puzzlement and he nodded.
“Can I have a glass of juice now? I guess you wouldn’t want the world to know how stingy you were on our first date?”

He broke into a smile that warmed my heart and I willingly went into his open arms.
It wasn’t spontaneous, I was half in love with him already, a little surprise shouldn’t stop me.
“Thank you” He murmured and tightened his arms around me. just as he released me and captured my mouth in an oath-sealing kiss, his phone began to ring. He ignored it and deepened the kiss until the insistent ring infuriated him and he released me reluctantly to answer the call.

I sat down and gazed up at his frowning face. My smile disappeared as the conversation reached me.
His child’s mother.She wanted him immediately! just when I thought my quest had ended…
and while I was still watching, Phil ended the call and gave me a look that said I would not have that glass of juice after all.
Duty called him.
Fear gripped me…
I don’t know how this works, would he always run when she calls like that?

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