Download ‘The New Me’ Music / Lyric’s By Drizzle

Download ‘The New Me’ By Drizzle

Download ‘The New Me’ By Drizzle, Drizzle Richards is a Christian believer, a Nigerian, a Professional Guitarist, a Seasoned Singer, a Songwriter with depth, and also a Guitar Instructor; is up with this Revolutionary Song titled:  The New Me”,  which is to every believer and non believer the biggest Testimony that is, and will ever be.

Download 'The New Me' By Drizzle

The Song is divided knowledgeably into two parts:

No.1. Becoming New

No.2. Walking with the conscious power of a New creation in Christ Jesus.

(It’s worthy of note that the Second is as important as the first)

Without wanting to talk much about herself, she could’t wait to share the Simple Revelation that birth the song:

 The New Me (Not Just God’s Bride but Pride) 

“…I became His Bride when I said yes Lord come in, but became his Pride many years later when I actually Allowed Him to take over. And I  realized that it’s a huge difference ‘having’ the New Birth and ‘walking’ in the New Birth. When this revelation hit me, I stopped every cheapening act, banished sinful thoughts, discarded unhealthy relationships and embraced His true love. All these were made possible as I buried myself in the study of His word and prayer, He did the transformation. Now, He tells me that He is pleased, for it brings Him glory when I walk in Excellence, Holiness, Love, Peace, Joy, Health and Wealth, living on perpetual Fire by standing on the solid Rock who is Christ our Lord.

I’m his Pride, so are you, if you are sold out. “

Millions of People have this Testimony already, millions are yet to. If you are among any of the Millions, join me sing: “The New Me” It’s Incorruptible, birth by God!

 This powerful  song is Produced by King Baseda @kingbaseda.





Verse 1

Whatever they called me I answered
Cause I was open to everything yes
Where they go, i’ld always follow
Cause everywhere looked like where I should be
So much confusion
So I stood for nothing
I fell for all things
Yet I thought that I was strong
But then I realised that I was never self sufficient
So I pleaded for mercy
And he exchanged his life for mine
He made the new me


The New Me is beautiful
It is just like my God
Oh it’s beautiful
It is the Pride of my God
Everything changed when I said yes
Lord take over

The New Me
Is walking in Excellence
The New Me
Is walking in Holiness
The New Me
Is walking in Love
Is walking in Joy
Is walking in health and wealth

The New Me
Is walking in Excellence
The New Me
Is walking in Holiness
The New Me
Is on fire
He sets me on fire

Verse 2

Time for prayer
Was my time to slumber
But now when they are sleeping I am praying
To go to church
Was a problem
But now I stay in church
I don’t want to go home
Ah It’s not the way I used to be

Now when they call me
I don’t have to answer
Where they go, I don’t have to follow
If God ‘s not there I don’t want to be there

I stood for nothing
But now I am standing
For Jesus
He is the solid rock I am standing on
I am standing on
I am standing on

Repeat Chorus(2x)

I’m on fire (3x)
(I’m burning for you oh My God)
He sets me on fire.


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