6 Health And Fitness Tips To Do For a Busy Personality.

6 Health And Fitness Tips To Do For a Busy Personality.

6 Health And Fitness Tips For a Busy Personality. Are you a busy personality or an executive with no time to stay healthy and stay in shape, glad to inform you that this a best piece you are on, This article is for you.

6 Health And Fitness Tips For a Busy Personality.

Finding the time, and the motivation, to start fitness exercise can be challenging for most people, especially those that have to go to work as early and come home late.

The way we attend to our business ought to be the same way we pay more attention to our  body and health. What’s the point of wealth, if there’s no sound health.

As business owners, it’s easy to forget that you have to take care of yourself too, when you’re caught in the web of work-work-work!

You Gat to Know that Your Body Needs You Just like your business needs you to remain afloat, your body needs you to care for it in order to function properly.

There are many reason’s you gat to stay fit, Leaving a healthy life will benefit both you and your business in the long run as healthy people tend to be happier and more productive.

In todays world Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere. In fact, someone once remarked, though humorously, that 24 hours just isn’t enough for one day, with all the screaming tasks to be accomplished on a daily basis.

If you are neck deep into your career, or you have a large family to attend to on a daily basis,

just how do you find the time to cool off and let out some steam?

With such a tight schedule, many are too busy to make out time for anything else, so finding the time to care for their health becomes a challenge and a priority.

6 Health And Fitness Tips For a Busy Personality.

1. First, Plan Your Day

Most busy executives have a personal assistant to order their daily schedule and reduce the clutter as much as possible.

But it’s OK, even if you don’t have a PA or a secretary; you can still take a moment to plan, in writing, how you intend for your day to be structured.

And once you’ve written out your to-do/priority task, try to stick with it.

Letting things take you unawares and shift your focus is no way to maintain a healthy life.

If you pander and adjust to every passing wind, you will soon lose your footing and grasp of things.

And your health will suffer for it.

Also plan for leisure; what you want to do when you’re not working or where you want to hang out during break.

Going on a break is your opportunity to reward yourself for your hard work, so don’t deny yourself that little time-off.

2. Learn To Delegate Tasks

Hey, I know you’re a workaholic, a perfectionist who always needs to do things yourself.

But for the sake of your health and sanity, you must find a balance.

If you don’t, you’ll find that you’ll begin to wary yourself with too many activities with little time to spare for anything else, even your health.

If you’re a business executive, and even if you’re not, the best way to get around this is to surround yourself with effective and quality people; people who are able to represent you without you always needing to be there personally. In the long run, you’ll be able to enjoy a richer life while also meeting up all your goals at the same time.

3. Cook In Bulk

Aside from saving you expenses when you cook your meals ahead in bulk, it will also save you the pain of having to spend hours in the kitchen every evening or night when you have to prepare food for the family.

This will give you plenty of hours to relax afterwards, all week long.

You only have to devote a day one weekend when you cook for the whole week, then for the other days, all you have to do is warm your soups and stews whenever any member of the family needs to heat.

You’ll find that this approach gives you time during the week for other fulfilling activities, like advancing your career or working out at the gym.

Another benefit of cooking like this is that it saves you the trouble of having to rely on fast foods too often.

Eating home-cook meals is a far healthier option to eating processed snacks and beverages bought from fast foods restaurants.

4. Get Excited

Don’t ask me what for; just get excited. You’re alive, aren’t you?

That’s something to be excited about. And there’re loads of other things to keep you alive and forward looking.

Things are not really that bad, and the sun will shine again soon. That’s something to be excited about again.

In your objective of keeping fit and healthy, you have to keep worry and anxiety away.

Walk with a bounce, shoulders squared, chin up and eyes focused.

Let your demeanor show how confident you are.

Being apprehensive and fearful has a way of not only ruining our day; it can breed anxiety and have a negative impact on our health.

Put a smile on someone’s face and you’d have multiple reasons to smile yourself.

Run up the stairs. Shake hands firmly, and do so with a smile, looking at the other person in the face.

You come across as reliable and well-motivated.

And that kind of excitement will cause positive energy and beneficial chemicals to be released into your body for optimal performance.

So you not only enhance your personality, you also enjoy improved health as well.

5. Be Active

If you’re too busy and have no time to hit the gym, even on weekends, then your best bet would be to engage in round-the-clock exercise.

How? It’s pretty much simple: use your hands and feet the old fashioned way.

Do things yourself rather than sitting back and having someone run to the bank or the grocery store for you.

This is not to counter what we talked about earlier on about delegating activities.

But I’m sure you can find a healthy balance, because assigning task doesn’t mean that you sit back and do nothing.

It only means that you don’t get to do everyone while your colleagues or workers sit back and cheer you on.

So being active and mobile is a great way to keep fit.

If you’ve spent all morning behind your desk in an air-conditioned office, then why take the elevator when you’re going for break?

Use the stairs instead. You’re exercising as you do that, burning off excess calories and stretching your muscles and joints.

You can also take out time to do some gardening at home.

Weed the plants around the fence, or trim the lawn yourself sometimes.

Just be sure not to snip off one of your fingers.

6. Have A Home Gym

It can be great going to the gym and hanging out with other fitness buffs.

You learn a lot when you watch others in training, not to mention the fact that it can help your motivation level.

However, what if you don’t have the time to go the gym?

 In that case you can create time, ones or twice a week, and train at home.

And it doesn’t have to be anything exotic; a simple squatting or sit-up exercise will suffice.

Doing some early morning push-ups is also a great idea.

If you can lay your hands on some fine gym pieces and you can set up your very own gym, that’s fine.

But whoever said that your workout has to take place at a gym?

It doesn’t matter where or how you achieve fitness.

And in any case, some folks just hang out at the gym for the show; they really do nothing serious there.

Working out at home, with your kids probably watching and having themselves a good life, can save you both time and money on gym memberships, which can really be expensive.


We hope that the information here will help you in maintaining your health and fitness, in spite of your tight schedule as you have no excuse for not keeping fit.


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